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National Library Week

National Library Week

March 29, 2017

No longer are libraries just a place for books. Today, libraries offer ebooks and audiobooks, instructional classes and workshops, computer use and free WiFi, meeting spaces, and even 3D printers. National Library Week will be observed April 9-15 with the theme, “Libraries Transform.” These eight activities, resources, and ideas will help you celebrate National Library Week in your school.


Learn more about American Library Association’s National Library Week Campaign.


National Library Week
National Library Week

1) Take a field trip to your local public library

Take a field trip to your local community library and explore the resources available to the community. Call your local library and speak to the head librarian about scheduling a field trip for your class. Arrange for your librarian to read a special book to the class, answer questions about the library, or help students sign up for a library card.

2) Hold a bookface photo contest

Ask students to explore the school library and look for books with a face on the cover. Have students cover their face with the book’s cover and snap a picture. Post these photos around the library and recognize the funniest, most creative, and most realistic photos.

National Library Week
National Library Week

An image created by Liana Flumiani of the Brantford Public Library in Ontario.

3) Host a scavenger hunt in your school library

Have your class split into teams and set them loose to find an atlas, a fairy tale, a biography, a magazine, and so much more. If your school embraces bring your own device (BYOD), ask students to take a picture of each item on the list.

4) Design a bookmark

Teach your class origami and make corner bookmarks for your library books. Start with practicing a basic bookmark and as your skill level increases, have your class create bookmarks for various holidays and season. The Red Tart Art blog is a great example of what designs are possible.

National Library Week
National Library Week

Image created by Maggy Woodley of Red Tart Art.

5) Host an art exhibit

Call your local public library and organize an art exhibit. Ask students to submit their artwork to be displayed throughout the library for their family, friends, and the community to enjoy. You can even organize an opening reception for the community to meet the artists.

6) Hold a contest

Place a jar and scraps of paper at the entrance of your school library. Ask students to guess how many books they think are in the library. The closest guess can win a small prize, a gift certificate to a local book store, lunch with the principal, or credit towards a school store.

7) Challenge students to read more library books

Start a book challenge and encourage your students, or fellow teachers, to read more. Share our reading challenge list and have participants check off as many boxes as possible before the end of the school year or summer.National Library Week

8) Share why you love the library

Have students share why they love the library on a heart shaped paper. Post student’s responses throughout school hallways to show support and celebrate the local library.

Libraries have so much to offer. Use this week to educate your class about the value of libraries. Share how you celebrated National Library Week on social media using #NationalLibraryWeek and #LibrariesTransform.

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