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An Open Letter to my Teacher

An Open Letter to my Teacher

May 09, 2017

To my teacher,

Thank you for believing in me

Sometimes I got stuck, I was frustrated and needed your help. You were always to give me a little push or a nudge in the right direction; set me down the right path. Thank you for believing in me and pushing me to be the best me that I can be.



Thank you for understanding

Life throws you curve balls; sometimes I took on too much and had too many things on my plate, sometimes life got in the way, and sometimes the dog really does eat your homework. Thank you for understanding and reminding me to breathe when I seemed stressed and out of focus.

Thank you for teaching me life lessons

Life wasn’t a subject in school or a lesson in your classroom. However, you always found a way to work life lessons into your classroom. Thank you for giving me the life advice I needed to hear, even if I didn’t always want to listen.

Thank you for making learning fun

We both know I wasn’t the biggest fan of science, but you always found a way to make it more fun. Thank you for taking the time to plan experiments, hands on projects, and all those fun activities you planned to make learning more interesting.



So thank you. Thank you for keeping my spirits up when I needed it the most. Thank you for every late night you spent working and every early morning you spent prepping for a lesson. Thank you for not only shaping my future, but many others’ futures as well. Thank you for guiding us in the right direction, for being there when it was needed, and most importantly, thank you for deciding to be a teacher.


Hopefully, your favorite student

This post is dedicated to Mrs. Beth Boyer. You went above and beyond your duties as a teacher and I will be forever inspired by you. 

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