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Eduplanet21 Brings UbD® Planning Software to Higher Education

Eduplanet21 Brings UbD® Planning Software to Higher Education

January 30, 2018

New College Program Allows Students to Practice Understanding by Design® Authentically

Mechanicsburg, PA – Eduplanet21, a leading provider of curriculum design and professional learning software, today announced its new higher education program. To better meet the needs of undergraduate and graduate students participating in curriculum design and instruction classes, Eduplanet21 is making their curriculum management software available to colleges, universities, and students.


Members of the higher education program will join the over 100,000 users currently using Eduplanet21’s curriculum management software and, in addition, will have access to the Big Ideas of Understanding by Design® Learning Path developed by Jay McTighe, a global, and a virtual academy where educators and professors can discuss unit design and instruction.


Eduplanet21’s curriculum management system is the only software licensed to use the Understanding by Design framework co-authored by Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins. This software follows the embedded UbD 2.0 template and allows users to easily design, share, and review backward design units.


The purpose of Eduplanet21’s higher education program is to offer a space where students, from around the world, can work together in a community of practice. “By using the UbD Planner, educators quickly develop a ‘backward design’ way of thinking about curriculum planning. Moreover, they have a consistent format for sharing curriculum, assessment and teaching ideas with others, anywhere in the world,” said Jay McTighe, Understanding by Design co-author.


Eduplanet21’s college program can be embedded directly into undergraduate or graduate course syllabi and provides authentic learning opportunities to students at the university level. “We are so excited to provide an opportunity for students to learn how to apply backward unit design in a real-word, collaborative environment,” said Jeff Colosimo, CEO of Eduplanet21. “Our commitment to higher education allows us to deepen the link between the K12 classroom with higher education, providing a learning environment for students to advance their application of Understanding by Design in a collaborative and digital manner.


About Eduplanet21

Launched in 2012, Eduplanet21 is an edtech company committed to personalized professional learning and curriculum design for K-12 educators. Eduplanet21 offers a cutting-edge software platform, the content needed to support your curriculum design and professional learning needs, and the training and implementation services to ensure your specific goals are met.

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