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Eduplanet21 Announces Partnership with TLS to Offer New Differentiated Instruction Learning Paths

Eduplanet21 Announces Partnership with TLS to Offer New Differentiated Instruction Learning Paths

August 14, 2018

Mechanicsburg, PA — Eduplanet21 announced today that a new suite of Differentiated Instruction Learning Paths along with a supporting Toolkit based on a new partnership with Teaching Learning Succeeding, LLC (TLS). These Learning Paths are available now for purchase in Eduplanet21’s Marketplace of Learning Paths.


TLS’s 23 Learning Paths offer K-12 teachers and administrators a research-based approach through a series of practical learning experiences—combining videos of teachers sharing their own applications along with other teacher-created examples, and is designed for educators who want to promote thinking and motivation.


TLS has worked with thousands of educators helping them translate their effective practice to Differentiated Instruction (DI). The new Learning Paths include 11 different DI Strategies for teachers K-12, providing educators with everything they need for a meaningful, valuable and doable learning experience.



Peter Grande, Executive Director at TLS, views partnering with Eduplanet21 “as the perfect way to mark our tenth year in the business of helping teachers and students succeed. This opportunity allows us to expand our work of Making DI Doable and Sustainable to a wider audience of educators who can help even more learners.”


“We are excited about our partnership with TLS, and the opportunity to expand our marketplace with high-quality content to help educators better learn and apply Differentiated Instruction” said Jeff Colosimo, President and CEO of Eduplanet21.


DI is an instructional process that clarifies curricular objectives, uses ongoing formative assessment to engage learners at the correct level of difficulty, and establishes an environment conducive to the advancement of academic growth.


Browse TLS Differentiated Instruction Learning Paths in our Marketplace, and advance your professional development goals with their online suite of products.


Note: These titles are no longer available.

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