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Eduplanet21 vs. Google Drive

Eduplanet21 vs. Google Drive

August 16, 2018

As schools and districts are preparing to kick off the 2018-2019 school year, many are considering making changes and revisions to existing curriculum documents and maps.  While making these updates is not only necessary and exciting work, it can also be a cumbersome task. For school leaders, the first question on the road to revising curriculum is usually “how can we map and design curriculum efficiently, with as little disruption as possible for teachers?” A common and popular product that many school leaders turn to is Google Drive.


Many would agree that Google has helped to revolutionize the way we collaborate on important documents. Businesses and Organizations alike use Google Drive to organize, collaborate, and store their important documents. Their synchronization and shared files features also allow users to access files and documents in one central location. And while Google Drive is great for all of these things, it has its limitations when it comes to designing and managing curriculum on a large scale.


Check out the graphic below for a snapshot of the benefits of using Unit Planner (a curriculum design software) over Google Drive.


EP21 v Google Drive
EP21 v Google Drive


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