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Habits of Mind in the Elementary Classroom

Habits of Mind in the Elementary Classroom

March 27, 2019


The Big Idea of Habits of Mind is to get students to be aware and understand how important Habits of Mind are to their success as learners, thinkers, and beyond. Bena Kallick discusses the 16 Habits of Mind in the Elementary Classroom, explaining how educators can begin implementing the Habits of Mind by starting a little at a time. Instead of trying to tackle all 16 Habits, start with one or two you believe would be important for your students to know and work on. Gradually, you’ll find that as you focus on a handful of Habits, you begin to be aware of more naturally.


To learn more about the Habits of Mind Institute, visit the overview page. Or, request a meeting with a member of our team to discuss how you can implement Habits of Mind Professional Learning in your school.

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