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Curriculum Leadership for Modern Learning: Webinar with Jay McTighe

Curriculum Leadership for Modern Learning: Webinar with Jay McTighe

September 21, 2020

Noted researcher, Dr. Robert Marzano, declares that a “guaranteed and viable curriculum” is the most significant district-level factor impacting student achievement. But what does it mean to have such a curriculum for the modern era considering today’s challenging landscape? How do we design and deliver an engaging curriculum that integrates 21st Century Skills and academic standards that is able to meet the needs of virtual and hybrid instruction models?


Drawing on ideas in his recent book, Leading Modern Learning, 2nd ed. (Solution Tree, 2019) and from the Understanding by Design ® framework, Jay explores the following questions:

  • How can we ensure greater curriculum coherence and alignment across the grades?
  • What evidence of students’ competencies should we be collecting? How can we assess everything we claim to value (not just those outcomes that are easiest to test and grade)?
  • How might we allow greater personalized learning while still obtaining worthy evidence for the transcript?
  • How can districts make use of curriculum design software to work smarter and more effectively?

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