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New PLUS Institute: Differentiation in the Classroom

New PLUS Institute: Differentiation in the Classroom

October 19, 2020

Eduplanet21 is happy to announce a new PLUS Institute:

Differentiation in the Classroom. Together with Carol Ann Tomlinson, participants will explore differentiated instruction by focusing on five key elements: learning environment, curriculum, assessment, instruction and leadership, and management of the differentiated classroom. Participants will think about why differentiation is important and come to better understand what differentiation is.

There are six individual learning paths that comprise this institute:

  • Introduction to Differentiation (Available Now)
  • Differentiation and the Learning Environment (Available Now)
  • Differentiation and the Curriculum (Coming Soon)
  • Differentiation and Assessment (Coming Soon)
  • Differentiation and Instruction (Coming Soon)
  • Differentiation and Classroom Leadership and Management (Coming Soon)




About Carol Ann Tomlinson

Carol Ann is the Professor and Chair of Educational Leadership, Foundations and Policy at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education.

To add Differentiation in the Classroom to an existing Eduplanet21 plan, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If you are not currently an Eduplanet21 Customer, contact us to start the discussion!

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