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Eduplanet21's Course Planner

Eduplanet21's Course Planner

December 15, 2021

Last week the Eduplanet21 team hosted a webinar series on our newest module, Course Planner. We enjoyed the opportunity to demo the product and hear the excitement from current and future customers about how this will enhance their curriculum work.


For those unable to attend, a recording is below. 


In summary, Course Planner allows you to:

  • Build course overviews and guiding documents
  • Use a customizable template
  • Align to goals and standards
  • Ensure greater alignment to course objectives through integration with Unit Planner
  • View and share your “Curriculum Blueprint”, a clean visual of all district curriculum, with parents and community members

While using both Course Planner and Unit Planner together will amplify your curriculum work, you can begin in either Unit Planner or Course Planner and expand to the other at a later date.


If you are a current Eduplanet21 customer and would like to learn more, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

If you are not currently a customer and would like to speak with a member of our team, click the button below.


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