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Get Ahead of the Transparency Curve: PA Senate Bill 340

Get Ahead of the Transparency Curve: PA Senate Bill 340

October 31, 2023

In today's world, transparency is paramount in every aspect of life, and education is no exception. In Pennsylvania, Senate Bill 340 is a significant legislative initiative aimed at improving transparency in the education system. This bill requires public school districts, intermediate units, career and technical schools, charter, and cyber schools to share key information about their curriculum. This includes textbooks, course syllabi, and state standards being addressed to be visible on their school website. Let’s delve into the key highlights of Pennsylvania Senate Bill 340 and how Eduplanet21 is playing a pivotal role in helping schools meet these requirements.


What Should I Know?

In an effort to improve curriculum transparency, Senator Doug Mastriano has put forward a bill that would require public school districts to publish the curriculum and textbooks used in the classroom on a school’s website, allowing the school community to see what is being addressed. Here are the key highlights of the bill:

  • Transparency in Taxpayer-Funded Schools: PA Senate Bill 340 places a strong emphasis on transparency on educational institutions that are funded by taxpayers. It is crucial for parents, students, and the community to have convenient access to information regarding curriculum, textbooks, course syllabi, and educational standards. 
  • Mandatory Web Links: Under the bill, public school districts, intermediate units, career and technical schools, charter schools, and cyber schools, would be required to include a link to curriculum information for quick, easy access.
  • Regular Updates: To ensure that the information remains current and relevant, schools would be required to update the web links no later than 30 business days after teaching materials are revised. This provision ensures that the educational content is continually aligned with evolving state standards and best practices.

If passed, Senate Bill 340 would take effect during the 2024-2025 academic year, giving schools time to prepare for compliance. 


To promote transparency and encourage family and community involvement, several states have also introduced bills for curriculum transparency. For example, Tennessee recently passed Bill 210, which mandates that school districts publish their curriculum on their website and regularly update it at the beginning of each semester, starting in July 2022. Similarly, states like Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Delaware, and Iowa have bills in the House or Senate that aim to require school districts to make their curriculum resources publicly accessible on their website.


How Eduplanet21 Can Help

At Eduplanet21, we understand the importance of making curriculum information easily accessible to teachers and administrators, as well as the school community. Staying ahead of the legislation in many states, Eduplanet21 released the Curriculum Blueprint in the summer of 2022,  assisting schools and districts in displaying their curriculum publicly in a user-friendly manner. Our goal is to provide transparency and ease of navigation for all stakeholders involved.

Eduplanet21 offers a user-friendly solution for schools and educators to effortlessly upload, organize, and modify instructional materials, standards, and course information. This allows them to adapt to the ever-changing education landscape with ease. 


The Curriculum Blueprint link provides an accessible way for parents to view and understand the curriculum and materials used in their child's education. It offers a clear visual of the curriculum, displaying the subject areas and courses taught in each grade level. Organizations can also display additional information, like belief statements or a department philosophy, as well as resources that may be helpful to the school community.With just a simple click, schools can easily share their curriculum with important stakeholders through the Curriculum Blueprint.


  • Compliance and Documentation: To ensure compliance with the requirements of Pennsylvania Senate Bill 340, Eduplanet21 provides a system for documenting, sharing, and revising instructional materials. Publishing dates and revisions can be easily tracked and monitored.
  • Customization: Just like curriculum is not a one-size-fits-all solution, neither is the Curriculum Blueprint. This site is customized to fit the needs of each school/district, ensuring all aspects of the curriculum and what is important to your community have a place to live on your site. 

In a Nutshell…

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 340 proposes implementing greater transparency measures by taxpayer-funded schools in Pennsylvania. It outlines the inclusion of links on school websites to enable parents and guardians to easily access curriculum, textbooks, course syllabi, and standards.


Eduplanet21’s Curriculum Blueprint is a practical and efficient solution to assist schools and districts in meeting the requirements of Pennsylvania Senate Bill 340. Our approach ensures transparency and encourages family and community involvement in the education of students. 


As we look ahead to the potential of Pennsylvania Senate Bill 340 coming into fruition during the 2024-2025 academic year, Eduplanet21 would love to learn more about your school/district’s needs and help you to get ahead of the transparency curve.


To learn more about the Curriculum Blueprint and how we can help, contact us!


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