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Eduplanet21 Announces New Lesson Planning Software

Eduplanet21 Announces New Lesson Planning Software

June 24, 2020


Teachers can create and modify their Instructional Plans in time for the new school year


(Mechanicsburg, PA) April 24, 2020 — Eduplanet21, the industry’s premier Curriculum Management Platform, announced today its new Lesson Planning software, “Lesson Planner”  to help schools better prepare for the new school year in light of the recent pandemic.


As we prepare for the unknown of the coming school year and adjust to the new normal, we have listened to our customers’ needs and adapted our solution to help” said Jeff Colosimo, CEO of Eduplanet21. “Lesson Planner will provide options for teachers to revisit their curriculum for the upcoming school year, determine what is most essential to teach, and design learning experiences that can be modified depending on where learning will take place in the fall.”  


Teachers will be able to enter their lessons via a calendar view and organize plans by the day, week or month.  Plans are easily aligned to the standards, goals, and assessments in Unit Planner. It is easy to make alignments to any lesson template they are already using or to choose from a library of existing templates. The new lesson planning feature can be a starting point for many teachers to plan for the new school year and also serve as an excellent entry point to the Eduplanet21 Curriculum Management platform.


Current Eduplanet21 customers will receive Lesson Planner as a free upgrade when they renew their subscriptions this year. New customers can purchase Lesson Planner as a separate module of the Eduplanet21 platform. Early adopter promotions will be available through August to help  teachers get started for a transition into the uncertainties of the upcoming school year.


For more information, contact Eduplanet21.

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Eduplanet21 is a comprehensive curriculum management platform that is transforming education by creating continuity between curriculum design and professional learning. Our mission is to help educators plan, learn, design, and revise instruction to enhance overall student achievement.

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